Saturday, July 21, 2012

Man, have I been busy!

I know I haven't done so well keeping up with the blog, but bear with me.  I have some free time this week to get caught up, and will be looking forward to talking about John Farnam's "Urban Rifle" and "More Advanced" handgun classes, as well as the DPMS Outbreak Omega event, plus an update on my Tantal project.

I wanted to take a moment though, to comment on what happened in Colorado on Thursday morning.

This particular incident has affected me more that similar incidents because I can see myself in that situation.  I turned down an invite to the local premier of that same movie here in the Twin Cities on Thursday - not for security concerns but because it interfered with my work schedule.  I often attend such events for movies I am interested in - for example several weeks ago I went to see the Prometheus opening at a midnight show. 

Any large public event is a possible target for a mass murderer or terrorist attack (the FBI has been sending out warnings about potential movie theater attacks for over a year).  When I attend one, I take a minute to plan for such an incident.  I review with my wife (and/or anyone else I am with) a plan to rally outside if something happens.  When I go in, I locate all possible exits so I have options if an escape route is blocked.  If possible, I do my best to get an aisle seat so I can get out quick.

Day or night, I always carry my Streamlight Microstream light.  When practical, I also carry a "real" flashlight (usually my BHI Gladius or my new ASP Triad).  My primary carry guns also have lights mounted on them (I admit it adds some bulk but I've gotten used to it).

Carrying is just one piece of the puzzle.  The gun is just a single tool, and a last resort tool at that.  Planning ahead and preparing for the worst is just as important as carrying your gun.

We have to accept that the world is a dangerous place.  As a recent article in the Washington Times points out, Batman is not going to save us.  We have to take responsibility to save ourselves and the people we care about.

(Regarding the specific subject of engaging an active shooter, I put my thoughts to words in a blog post a while ago.  You can read that here.)